Digital real estate in Portugal or Angola especially for you!

Imokubata is a digital real estate company that mainly focuses on the cities of Lisbon in Portugal, or Luanda de Angola. Now with a 100% digital system, we offer an attractive property portfolio, with quality, security and location in the best regions of Portugal and Angola.

You can view all the details of the properties through our property page and talk to one of our tendents in real time at any time, you just need to click on the button or on the floating WhatsApp.

In addition to all the features, you can schedule a visit to evaluate the property in person at any time.ção do imóvel pessoalmente a qualquer momento.

Appointments are made through contact via phone, e-mail or even via WhatsApp to register your name on the list of physical visitors.

Helena Isabel Afonso Farinha
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Online service
How to contact Imokubata?

You can contact us through any service channel available on our contact page.

Where does Imokubata serve customers?

Imokubata serves clients in Portugal & Angola.

we also serve clients in english & french through our website.

How do I schedule a visit for evaluation?

Just contact us to register your name on the visit list.